The Rock is without a doubt the most celebrated superstar in XWF history. The Rock shot to fame one night on Raw when he proclaimed that it was his destiny to win the Royal Rumble. Not only was it his destiny, but it was his destiny to beat all the other 29 men, by starting the Rumble as number one, he demanded to start as number 1. Of course he did go into that Pay Per View as the number one draw in the Royal Rumble. The Rock battled for well over an hour and a half, until eventually he fell over the top rope with Mike Sanders and was announced the co-winner of the first ever Royal Rumble. But the same night The Rock would sell his soul to the devil, as he joined forces with Vince Mcmahon, bringing back Vince and The Rock's beloved Extreme Raw Wrestling E-Federation. The Rock, with the help of Vince and his ERW comrades would reek havok on the XWF. At No Way Out The Rock would put his ERW Championship on the line, a title that Mr Mcmahon brought back from the dead and awarded The Great One. Not only was the ERW title on the line, but his shot at Wrestlemania was on the line too as he battled Mike Sanders in a match many still call the best match in XWF history. It was thanks to Mr Mcmahon and new ERW Member The Undertaker that The Rock won the match, kept his ERW title and booked his spot in the first ever Wrestlemania main event, against Chris Jericho, for the XWF/ERW Undisputed Championship. The Rock and Jericho battled in the first ever Iron Man Match in XWF history and of course with the help of the ERW, The Rock walked out the winner, adding the XWF title to his ERW Championship, and becoming the first ever man in E-Fed history to hold both World Championships at once. The Rock went on to hold the XWF Championship for a massive 105 days, defending the title against Goldberg, Hulk Hogan on two occasions, Triple H and Raven. Making him the best ever World Champion in XWF history. The Rock would finally be beat by Kurt Angle on an episode of Raw Is War, thanks to Mr Mcmahon, the man who helped The Rock win the title was the man who eventually screwed him out of the title. Later in the month The Rock lost his rematch at Vengeance, the first time he had ever lost at a Pay Per View. On the Raw following Vengeance The Rock announced his shock retirement, and would bow out with his final match in XWF against Jeff Hardy at Summerslam. The Rock would fall victim to the young Jeff Hardy, but his achievements secured his spot as the first ever XWF Hall Of Famer, and making it even more sweet for The Great One is the fact that the XWF members themselves voted him in. The Rock may not be around in the XWF anymore, but he will always be remembered, nobody has set their mark on the XWF like The Rock, The Great One, The First Ever XWF Hall Of Famer.

Inducted - 6/10/02

Dan Nichols has been a number of characters in the XWF, but from his debut as Buff to present day as The Big Show he has always been a mainstay and always been on the roster. It only took him a couple of weeks after his debut as Buff Bagwell to go down in XWF history as the first ever European Champion after beating Scott Hall at the XWF's very first Pay Per View, Survivor Series. It was thanks to help from Scott Steiner that Buff walked out the European Champion, whilst on the same night Scott Steiner won himself the United States Championship, also becoming the first ever holder of the belt. The two joined forces as the original New World Order of the XWF and it only took them four days before they won themselves the Tag Team Titles on Smackdown, once again going down in history, as first ever Tag Team Champions in the XWF. The pair managed to hold onto the titles for near 3 month's before the team of Hulk Hogan and Jeff Jarrett, then the bodyguards for The Rock and the ERW won the titles on an episode of Raw. During the nWo's Tag Title reign they managed to swap singles belts with each other. It was the XWF's second Pay Per View, Vengeance that the two competed in a triple threat tag team match, with not only their Tag Titles but also their United States and European titles on the line. The rules where simple, the man who got the first fall would become the European Champion. And then the man who got the second fall would become the United States Champion, (which was held at the time by Kurt Angle) whilst winning or as in this case retaining the Tag Titles for their team. Buff Bagwell shone on the night, winning the second fall to become the new United States Champion whilst his team-mate won the first fall and became the new European Champion. Buff Bagwell's career in the XWF would end soon after the loss of the Tag Team Titles which started the era of Mike Sanders. Mike Sanders reeked havok on the XWF for a full month before being forced into a hiatus that could of cost him his spot in the Royal Rumble. After all Sanders returned for the Royal Rumble, and ended up being eliminated as the last man alongside The Rock, and being later announced as the Co-Winner of the Royal Rumble. This would be the start of a heated rivalry between Sanders and The Rock, that many feel still continues today. Sanders was forced to put his Wrestlemania main event spot on the line as he would face The Rock at the No Way Out Pay Per View. Sanders incentive to face The Rock? The ERW Championship. A title that Sanders had promised to destroy once he had won it fair and square. But the night turned out a disaster for Sanders, as the ERW reigned supreme, and The Rock went on to become XWF Champion at Wrestlemania 1. Mike Sanders stop and start career in the XWF was finished, and the nWo returned, this time in the form of the Outsiders Kevin Nash and Scott Hall. The Outsiders would only last a month, but in that time would battle in one of the most shocking Tag Team Championship matches in XWF history. Jeff Hardy would be forced to defend he and his brothers Tag Team titles alone in the historic double cage match. Jeff would receive help from his new girlfriend Lita, and somehow come out on top, Later attacking his brother Matt and ending Team Xtreme forever. The Outsiders had picked up the most embarrassing defeat of their career, but would leave dominant, after a brutal attack on Lita. None the less, The Outsiders where not seen for a long time and Dan made his return as Goldberg. It wasn't long before he was back in the main event, taking on Hulk Hogan and The Rock for the XWF Championship at Backlash. The Rock came out on top, leaving Goldberg injured from the hellacios match. Dan was soon back, as the 500lb Big Show. Starting low he won the Hardcore Championship, adding yet another achievement to his list. One month after losing at Backlash he was back in the main event, this time in the final of the UK Massacre Tournament. The Big Show gave his all, but it would end up being Triple H's night, and The Game went on to face The Rock at Fully Loaded for the XWF Championship. The Big Show parted way with the main event, focusing on lesser titles. An alliance with Christian seemed to have made Christian and The Big Show the new Tag Team Champions but William Regal schemed his way into the match, using his commishionary powers to make himself the Tag Team Champion alongside The Big Show. After a month's arguing with Regal, The Big Show would finally team back up with Christian at Vengeance, taking on William Regal and Chris Nowinski to decide new Tag Team Champions. Of course The Big Show and Christian ended winners, making The Big Show a 3 time Tag Team Champion. The Big Show and Christian friendship would become rocky, and the two went their separate ways. Christian to the Un-Americans and The Big Show to the World Championship. All that stood in his way of a shot at the World Championship was Shawn Michaels. At Summerslam the two met, and The Big Show showed his best, destroying Michaels in less than quarter of an hour. The same eventful night Rob Van Dam became the new XWF World Champion so the match was set. King Of The Ring, The Big Show Vs Rob Van Dam for the XWF World Heavyweight Championship, the rest is history. Dan has what he wanted more than anything, the one thing that had eluded him, finally he had the XWF World Championship, and to go with it his very own spot in the XWF Hall Of Fame.

Inducted - 28/10/02

He is the first man in XWF history to hold both the World Heavyweight and Intercontinental Title's at the same time. If that wasn't enougth, He is also the first man in XWF history to become a Grand Slammer, winning World, Intercontinental, European and Tag Team gold. But that doesn't paint the whole picture, Tek for sure has been a record breaker in the XWF, and quite probably is the most successfull competitor in it's history, here is his story. Tek infact started his XWF career as everybody's favourite Texan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, just weeks before Wrestlemania 1. It was at Wrestlemania itself that 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin would face Kurt Angle in a street fight. Earlier in the night Kurt Angle had won the Hardcore Championship after an Olympic Slam on the then champion The Big Show. It would be Stone Cold who walked out the winner over Angle after a hellacios match. It was only the SmackDown after Wrestlemania that Kurt and Stone Cold, in a strange show of respect to each other, joined forces as the new era Two Man Power Trip. After a month of domination, They finally got a shot at the Tag Team Titles, at Backlash in the first ever Tag Team Turmoil. Stone Cold and Kurt would innevitably walk out champions, but the same night, Stone Cold's long fued with Goldust came to an end, as Stone Cold destroyed Goldust, retaining his Hardcore title, only to have Chris Benoit attack Austin in the parking lot and take the title away from The Rattlesnake. Only two weeks later, The Power Trip lost their titles to the deranged team of Raven and Chris Benoit, and it didn't take long for Kurt Angle to ditch his partner and move on in singles action. Soon enougth he had gold around his waiste once again, beating Sting in the first blood match at UK Massacre, ending Sting reign, a reign that saw him become the best ever Intercontinental Champion. The next month in Angle's XWF career was one of the funniest periods in XWF history, as Kurt Angle had a battle with Lex Luger over the Intercontinental Title. The two trying to get the better over each other in anyway possible. From Lex Luger's 'Special' Olympics, to Kurt Angle accidently killing Lex Luger's pet hamster, and sabataging it's funeral, everything happened. By the time the match came around, Kurt Angle was furious with Lex Luger, and it showed, as Angle flat out desotroyed Lex in the first ever Hell In A Cell Ultimate Submission Match, Kurt putting out an amazing performance to win the match by 3 falls to 0. Kurt Angle was on fire, but what happened next not even the big cheeses could beleive, Kurt Angle beat the XWF World Champion on Raw, The Rock. Kurt Angle, after ending Sting's reign as best ever Intercontinental Champion, had now ended The Rock's reign as best ever World Champion, and was the first ever Inter-World Champion. It was thanks to Vince Mcmahon, screwing The Rock after The Rock had destroyed the ERW. Kurt lasted three weeks as the Inter-World Champion before the innevitable happened, and he was screwed out of his Intercontinental Title, the new champion being Booker T. But Kurt was still the World Champion, and he defended his title for the first time at Vengeance, taking on The Rock and Rob Vam Dam. Kurt looked a shadow of himself from the last Pay Per View, cowering away from RVD and The Rock for much of the match, only to steal the win from RVD thanks to his new best buddy Eric Bischoff. Kurt and Eric never really had a friendship, but a worked together with one common goal in hand, keeping Kurt Angle as the World Champion. The team worked well for a whole month, but nothing could stop Rob Van Dam. Summerslam rolled up, and the most annticipated match in XWF history was on, The XWF Championship match between Kurt Angle and Rob Van Dam. It was a complete slobber knocker, as the match spilled out to every part of the arena. At one time RVD and Angle battled on the roof of the arena, with RVD almost being thrown off the side of Madison Square Garden. RVD faught back, and amazingly sent Angle flipping off the side of the building, and into a window below. Then as Kurt tried to walk back towards the arena, Rob Van Dam produced one of the most memorable moments in XWF history, diving through the glass sun roof, and landing straight ontop of Angle. The match was amazing, but Kurt Angle's reign as Champion was over, and so it seemed so was his career. Angle suffored an injury to his knee, but maybe more so to his pride. Kurt Angle wasn't seen in the XWF for near on a month, forcing him to miss the King Of The Ring competition. He would though compete at the Pay Per View, getting a shot at the Television Championship, a big change from his main event in the last two monthes. Kurt of course won the match, beating Mr Ass, Test and Triple H all in the same match to add another title to his ever growing achievements list. But Kurt Angle had a dream, a burning desire inside. He could of returned to the top, and faught again for the World Championship. But he instead chose to chase the European Championship, with being the first ever Grand Slam Winner in mind. Kurt secured his dream, in a controversial match with King Of The Ring Chris Jericho. Jericho walked out as the Television Champion, taking the title in the Ladder match, but Jericho only managed to grab one title, leaving his European title still hanging above the ring. Angle always the opertuniest took the chance, grabbing the Euro title and etching his name more in the history books. Where Kurt Angle goes from here is anybody's guess, but it doesn't really matter, he has done near abouts everything already in his career, and you just know he's not going to stop, until he has proved that he is without a doubt the best the XWF has ever seen.

Inducted - 25/11/02