# 1 You cannot use other wrestlers in your roleplays without the permission of the handler, the same goes as far as Staff characters too.
# 2 There is only one main card a week in the XWF, You must roleplay twice for this card, you have plenty of time to do so, there is no excuse not to be roleplaying twice for one card a week. If you fail to roleplay for RAW, you will be relegated to BodyCount for a week, if you fail to rp for that you will be fired.
# 3 Bitching and moening on the OOC board is not acceptable, anybody who trys to start or takes part in OOC wars will be banned from the boards. If you can't take a joke, or don't have a sense of humour don't join the fed.
# 4 Do not post OOC messages on the Roleplay Board, There is no reason for it. The OOC board is there for a reason, so use it.
# 5 Changing wrestlers is an annoyance, it's a down right pain in the recktum. So you are not allowed to change wrestlers until immediatly after a Pay Per View. We will not allow storylines to go down the shitter because of people changing wrestlers.
# 6 You will soon find out that you have to earn everything in the XWF, nothing comes easy. You might be the best roleplayer ever but you're still going to start at the bottom and have to work you're way up to the top like everybody else. Do you're job, work hard and you will soon earn respect, and inevitably you'll some day get to the top.
# 7 Finally have fun, If you're not having fun then there is no point in you being in the XWF.